Shoebox Appeal 2019

Once again St Mark's is taking part in the Link to Hope   Shoe Box Appeal, which delivers boxes to Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Ukraine in time for Christmas.


There are two types of shoeboxes you can make up: The Family Shoebox and the Elderly Shoebox, although there is only one leaflet (leaflets available at St Mark's). The shoebox contents are similar, though some of the gifts inside are different - suggested contents lists for each appeal are listed below.

Please wrap your box in Christmas paper and attach a leaflet to it, making it clear which appeal you are supporting. Fill in the Gift Aid form if you are a UK taxpayer. Finally, please remember to add £2 to each box, which pays for the transport of the box.


The complete shoeboxes must be at St Mark's by 

Sunday 28th October.

If you don’t feel you can afford to produce a whole box please consider making a financial donation, via us, which will help with all the costs of getting lorries and people out to distribute the boxes, which takes several days.


Thank you for your support.

Ideas for filling your shoebox


Personal Grooming Items

Toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo/shower gel (max 300ml), safety razors, plasters, soap and flannel, nail clippers/scissors, brush/comb


Sweets, chocolate (BB June 2019), hair accessories


Fun Stuff:

Crayons and felt tips, colouring books, travel-sized games such as dominoes, draughts and playing cards, small toys, such as yoyos, skipping ropes, bouncy balls, puzzles, balloons, soft toys

School Items

Solar powered calculators, pens and pencils, pencil rubbers and sharpeners

Family Gifts

Plasters, small sewing kits, screwdriver/tape measure, new socks/ tights, gloves/hats/scarves, headscarves, wind up torch or radio, craft/sewing kit, candles & holders, screwdrivers/tape measures


Contents must be suitable for both sexes i.e. gender neutral as much as possible

Personal Grooming Items

Shampoo/shower gel (max 300ml), tissues, handkerchiefs, small mirror, soap and flan- nel. Nail clippers/scissors, brush, comb


Fun Stuff

Small games, pens/paper, wind up torch/radio, craft sewing kits, play-

ing cards, dominoes

Other Items

Scarves/gloves/hat, candles & holders, sweets/chocolates, reading glasses, sensory Items – e.g. wind chime, lavender bags, cloth men’s hankies, light shopping bag

Please do not add medicines, money, food, coffee/tea or alcohol, out-of-date items or literature

These are banned by Customs

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