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Shoebox Appeal 2021

Once again St. Mark's is taking part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. We support the  

Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal, which

delivers boxes to Romania, Moldova,

Ukraine and Bulgaria in time for Christmas.

There are two types of shoebox you can make up - the Family Shoebox and the Elderly Person's Shoebox - although only

one leaflet. Leaflets are available in the church, from Julie Thomson or by clicking here.

The shoebox items are similar and this year that have asked that each box should contain:

  • Gloves/Scarf/Hat (New or Knitted)

  • Sweets/Chocolate (Best Before Date: June 2022)

  • Soap and Flannel

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste

  • Candles and Holder

  • Small Games (Travel-Size Draughts/Dominoes/Playing Cards)

Then please add at least five more items:


  • Colouring Pads (A5)

  • Crayons/Pencils              (With Rubber & Sharpener)

  • Small Toys (Yo-Yo, Skipping Rope, Toy Cars)

  • Soft Toy/Teddy

  • Tape Measure/DIY Tool

  • Headscarf (Lightweight)

  • Shampoo (Max 300 ml)

  • Solar-Powered Calculator 

  • Safety Razors

  • Hairbrush/Comb

  • Other Gifts

   Elderly Person:

   (Contents must be suitable       for both sexes, i.e. gender-     neutral as much as                 possible)

  • Reading Glasses/Magnifier

  • Mug/Wooden Spoon/Cutlery

  • Sensory Item      (e.g.Lavender Bag)

  • Hot Water Bottle

  • Work Gloves

  • Pen/Paper

  • Socks/Tights (New)

  • Wind-Up Radio/Torch

  • Shampoo (Max 300 ml)

  • Scissors/Nail Clippers

  • Safety Razors

  • Other Gifts

Please do not add medicines, food, coffee/tea or out-of-date items or literature. These are banned by Customs

Also, please do not enclose sanitary items or underwear, which follow strict customs regulations.

Please wrap your box in Christmas paper and attach a leaflet to it, making it clear which appeal you are supporting.


Fill in the Gift Aid form if you are a UK taxpayer.


The price for transport is £3 - please tape either three £1 coins or one £2 and one £1 coin to your box.

More details here

As St Mark's has restricted opening hours at the moment, please deliver your box to Julie Thomson's house* during the

two week period

Sunday 17th October to Sunday 31st Octombe

(for onward transmission on 1st November).

*You may wish to telephone first: 020 8534 7516

If you don’t feel you can afford to produce a whole box, please consider making a financial donation via Julie Thomson or Ann Arnold. This will help with all the costs of getting lorries and people out to distribute the boxes, which takes several days.


Thank you for

your support

Last year’s thank you letter to St Mark's stated:

We were particularly pleased that we were able to send extra funds and resources out to our project managers in Eastern Europe thanks to the increase in the shoebox donation. Many people not only benefited from your shoebox but also received wood to see them through the winter, food parcels and necessary house repairs to keep them warm, fed and safe.’

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