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About Us

At St Marks we are an evangelical Anglican church who believe in a Creator God, in a Saving Jesus, and in a Life Giving Spirit.


We believe our purpose is to meet to serve God, to seek to demonstrate God’s love and character in the community where we live and to pray for each other and for the world.


As a church our vision is to reach out to all people of all ages in our community by working with parents and toddlers, building links with the residential homes and building links with the community.


We also look to provide support for young people in the church by working with other churches in the community to build up a ‘church’ of young people of all denominations.


We seek to be a good neighbour to those who live around the church by providing pastoral care in our streets, evangelising by friendship, supporting action to improve the local environment and using the church building to support community activities.


Looking beyond our local community, we look to show God's love by praying, being an advocate for and supporting those persecuted for their faith and promoting justice by being a fair trade church.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our values and beliefs or get involved in our community activities.

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